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  • Life Insurance Cover

    Life Insurance pays a cash lump sum to your family, or to someone else you’ve nominated, if you die. This can be arranged on a level basis, so the lump sum amount stays the same, or on a decreasing basis, where the lump sum amount decreases in line with your mortgage.

    There are also Family Income Benefit plans available, where a lump sum is paid annually or monthly to your family until the end of the term. We review a customer’s whole situation to make sure that we can recommend the correct cover and provider for their circumstances. Life Insurance Cover

  • Critical Illness Cover

    Critical illness cover, or serious illness cover, pays a cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness such as some forms of heart attack, cancer or stroke, again this can be arranged on a level or decreasing basis. Critical Illness Cove

  • Child Cover

    Can provide some financial support in the event that your children suffer from defined critical illnesses. If your child were to become critically ill then the cost of looking after them could increase. These costs may include medical appointments, medical equipment for your home, a carer or any lifestyle changes that need to be made.

    All your children including future children (natural, step and legally adopted) are covered from birth until their 18th birthday, or 21st birthday if in full time education. Child Cover

  • Income Protection

    It is important to consider your income provision if you are unable to continue your normal duties at work due to ill health. Income protection gives peace of mind that should the unfortunate happen, you are able to keep your home and maintain your standard of living as the cover will pay you an income until you recover and are able to return to work.

    We search our panel to offer the most comprehensive income protection plans for your circumstances and to suit most occupations whether employed or self-employed. You will be able to choose waiting period of the policy that range from 1-day cover to 52 weeks, so you don't have to worry about your finances. Income Protection

  • Accident Sickness And Unemployment

    You can get Accident Sickness and Unemployment Cover if you lost your job that’s not your fault, unable to work because of a serious illness or because of an accident.

    Protect your income, home & family, option to start the cover after one day of being unable to work. Is a short term income protection policy that replaces your income should you be unable to work due to accident, sickness or involuntary redundancy Accident Sickness And Unemployment

  • Buildings and contents insurance

    Cover the building itself and contents of your home from floods, fires and even theft! Protect what you worked hard for. Buildings and contents insurance

  • Business insurance

    Are you a landlord? Do you offer transport or own a shop? We have something that will cover your business no matter what you do. Business insurance

  • Public liability insurance

    If you run a business on premises where client can come and visit you then legally you are obligated to have this cover in place. For Public Liability Insurance we act as introducers only. Public liability insurance

  • Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

    Private medical cover is often seen as an expensive luxury; however it can be very reasonably priced and can mean that at a time of worry you have access to medical consultants without having to wait for the NHS.

    We are able to offer this cover and would be happy to provide a quotation for this as part of our protection review. Private Medical Insurance (PMI)